Week 2: Activity


I sketched out a few tests and filled them in with some thick markers I had laying around. This one was my favorite so I decided to use it as a template.



I duplicated the marker sketch in spray paint on cardboard. I decided to switch up the ‘M’ but looking at it now, I prefer the original.



During the process I did a lot of experimentation with the medium, since it was my first experience with spray paint. To create the speckled effect, I pulled back on the nozzle and pressed it down as lightly as I could. I wish I had got more colors of paint so that I could have used the speckling to create some more depth.



Another technique I tried was to flip the paint can upside down and press the nozzle into the cardboard. This caused these stripe effects. 

IMG_4771 IMG_4772


I wasn’t sure I liked the stripe effects and I wanted something to fill out the space around the letters. I also want to incorporate the dripping paint look. In hindsight it would have looked better do do this first to keep it behind the lettering.



I feel like I learned a lot about graffiti art during this experimenting. I’m looking forward to exploring the medium further in the future.


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