Week 3: Artist Interview

Yireh Elaine Kwak img_16861

My work right now is inspired by my home; the views around my home.

Yireh’s says her work, titled Harmony & Discordance: Conflicting Landscapes, is inspired by what she sees around her every day. The choice of title is evident when viewing the gallery. There is a clear juxtaposition of beautiful green landscapes and harsh industrialized cityscapes of pipes and blocky brown buildings. IMG_4837IMG_4839 This juxtaposition is also seen in the type of painting she does. While the first two paintings are oil on canvas, while the other pieces below are painted on paper. Kwak says that painting on paper is a way to release the stress built up from oil on canvas.

I can feel the pressure release from my shoulders.

IMG_4841 IMG_4843IMG_4845This release of tension is evident in these style of these paintings. While painting these, she needs not pay attention to detail or the form of the objects she is try to mimic. Instead she can let the painting assume a style during the process, without the need for predetermination. I see similarities to this juxtaposition in my own life. I often approach things in a very structured manner, but often relax my inhibitions and allow myself to think and act more naturally. I enjoyed talking with Yireh about her process and appreciated the ensuing self-reflection.