Week 6: Activity

Yarn IMG_5105

I bought a 0.625″ x 5.5″ x 72″ redwood fence plank for $1.78 and a box of 350 white 1″ long nails for $2.37. The yarn I found at home. I cut two 5.5″ long pieces of wood as well as a couple smaller pieces with a circular saw. I cleaned up some of the rough edges with a knife and nailed the frame together.


I printed out an outline of California and centered it on the wooden frame. I did my best to space the nails by about one centimeter. For the straight edges, I actually measured it out so that they would be spaced evenly, but for the rest, I just did it by eye. Once all of the nails were in, I ripped off the paper template.


I tried running the yarn on the inside of the outline, but I didn’t like all of the bare wood, so I added a square boarder of nails around the perimeter of the frame.


I tried running the yarn in parallel lines, but because there was a different number of nails on the perimeter and the Californian boarder, it wouldn’t have come out perfectly. This tiny hammer worked better for these tiny nails.


Here’s an Instagram pic my sister took with me in the background.


Last week, I also went to check out what some of the fiber art students were creating. I liked the depth of this piece. It brings a whole new dimension to textiles.