Week 11: Activity

Plaster Casting 20150412_150304 My friend and I went to long beach to try out plaster casting. He tried to cast his foot at first, but it collapsed when he removed his foot. We ended up both casting out hands. Mine is on the right and his is on the left. 20150412_141614 We dug out two, one foot wide holes that was deep enough for our hands. I collected some water from the ocean and mixed in some sand. I put my hand in the hole and filled the hole in with the wet sand. When I removed my hand, some of the sand from around my wrist fell into the hole, so I put my hand back into the hole, to reform the mold. 20150412_150407 I think that when I poured the plaster in, it broke the sand that formed the gap between my pinky and ring finger. I expected that might happen, so I formed a channel in the sand so the plaster would flow smoothly into the mold. Unfortunately, it still wasn’t enough. When I removed the plaster from the mold, the end of my index finger broke off. Other than those two issues, i was surprised by how well it turned out. 20150412_150316