Week 11: Artist Interview

Patricia E. Rangel

The journey that led Rangel to this installation started with her experimenting with using dirt in pendants. This installation was her way of further exploring different things to do with dirt. The pieces on display were inspired by the sights she saw on the way to a cemetery for babies.


This piece is called Trellises. It was made from grape trellises, which are used to support grape vines as they grow. All of the wood and dirt is collected from the roadside. The wood is arranged, and the dirt is compacted in molds.


This piece, titled A Racehorse that Never One a Race, consisted of a series of brass links that mimic the shape of a cemetery where babies were buried. There is a link for every baby that is buried there, and one single gold link for Rangel’s sister, Corine.


This piece, titled Sifted, is similar and I assume it had the same inspiration.IMG_5441

I thought this piece was quite interesting. Titled Potential, it is a large pillar of compacted dirt collected from various sites. It had many large cracks running throughout it. I asked Rangel about it, and she said that even though they look fragile, they were actually very strong. She then added that after the pieces are taken out of the gallery, she breaks them back down with a sledgehammer. She said that breaking them apart is the best part of the process.