Week 4: Artist Interview

Juliet Johnson week4art
Juliet had a few installations in the Werby Gallery, but my favorite was titled¬†Fenestration Drawings. The word fenestration refers to any opening in the walls of a building. Juliet’s drawings were of the views on campus as seen though windows. IMG_4926 While some of the drawings are looking out through windows, others showed views looking into the buildings. I think what I found interesting about these drawings is the way they vaguely define the outlines of the main features they portray. While most of the paintings on display in the galleries this week were of a more traditional style, these drawings¬†stuck out.IMG_4927 Because the drawings were so minimalistic, it wasn’t always immediately obvious what they were portraying. They forced you to really study them to figure out what each of the lines are representing.IMG_4929