Week 10: Artist Interview

Dawn Ertl


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The pattern was based on the song “Wait” by M83. The pedals of the loom were moved to correspond to the notes from the song. Hidden in the piece were three speakers. These each played a different song. These songs corresponded to three different ideas. The first was about the interaction between religion and politics. The second focused on the stages of love: falling in love, not loosing oneself while learning about the other, and finally either staying in love or breaking up. The last idea was the song “Under.”


To transport this piece, Ertl balls it up into a bag. Because of this, the piece is different every time it is on display. Its shape and arrangement always changes to fit the architecture in the space which it is installed. The piece was constructed of plastic bags, yarn, and random other pieces, like the green straw seen below.


The other instillation in the gallery was based on weather patterns and the difference between weather and climates.

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