Week 13: Classmate Procedures

1. Musical Drawing by Christian Posada

The song I listened to was “Something From Nothing” by the Foo Fighters. It felt very strange to draw the line on the paper with my eyes closed. I kept thinking that I had drawn on the table. I used a yellow and blue high lighter as well as a red sharpie.


2. How to draw a picture (Christian Park style)


I decided to change this one up a bit. Instead of walking around and asking random people to draw on the piece of paper I thought it would be interesting to post the paper up in the hallway of VEC and see what people drew. I also posted the instruction from Christian’s procedure. I was sort of surprised by the results. I was expecting more people to participate, but not very many did. Also, I expected it to get filled up with inappropriate things as is the norm with anonymous, public displays. That didn’t happen either. I guess a more public location might have changed both of those things.

3. Geometric Drawing by Lizbeth Acosta

For replicating Lizbeth’s procedure, I used spotify instead of padora, as I don’t have a pandora account. I’m also not taking a nutrition class, so instead, I performed this procedure while writing a paper for Religious Studies 302. I liked this procedure as it gave me little breaks throughout working on the paper.

4. Text Message Poetry by Jasmine Barnum

Words: going, John, will, workshop, in, you, the, front, not, stop

Poem: You, John, will not stop going in the front workshop.

I think it was an interesting experience to work with such tight restraints. Giving myself the additional constraint of having a grammatically correct sentence made it much more difficult. It think it would be interesting to see if the words generated from this procedure have any connection to the type of person they were generated from.