Week 14: Artist Interview

Charles Banowetz

Charles was part of Liminal, a collaborative show including a dozen or so artists. His two pieces, “Treecloud” and “North,” show colorful landscapes composed of clouds. This first piece, “Treecloud,” immediately caught my attention from across the room. The full spectrum of color jumped out from the plain, white wall. The grayish column of clouds in the center of the painting looked to me like smoke rising from a fire.


Showing space and perspective through the development of back-, middle- and fore- grounds that will merge with as well as pull away from one another.

In this piece, titled “North,” the clouds extend from earth to sky. The lower clouds in the foreground seem to form vegetation that extends back towards the darker clouds in the middle ground.


These pieces were very interesting as they ¬†incorporated clouds in a way that I have never seen before. Typically, clouds are distant and far-off, used to create a greater sense of depth. In Banowetz’s paintings, these clouds