Week 8: Artist Interview

Brian Davis


This week, I talked with Brian Davis about his juicing installation. The idea behind his installation is showing off the benefits of juicing to everyone. Brian says that their is something satisfying and rewarding about producing and consuming such a nutrient dense beverage. It gives him such a boost of energy and mental clarity throughout his day and he wanted to share this with people.

IMG_5237The first thing you are met with when entering the gallery, was a large display of tons of fresh fruits and vegitables. When I asked Brian about where he sources all of these, he said that a lot of is it from his personal garden. He trys to grow as much of his juicing supplies as he possible can. He added that upon hearing about his installation, many people brought in items from their own gardens. He got a lot of his citrus that way.

IMG_5236Another interesting aspect of Brian’s installation, was that all of the cups that he provided for everyone to taste his juice he handmade. I asked him about the cup that I picked up, and he said that he plans on moving to Italy. He’s not sure where exactly, but he knows he wants to avoid the popular, touristy cities like Venice.

For anyone looking to get into juicing, Brian says that its worth it to purchase a more expensive centrifugal blade juicer over a the cheaper masticating cold press juicers. The reason is that the centrifugal juicer extracts more of the juice. Over time, the masticating juicer will waste the juice of the fruits and vegitables. Instead it is better to spend this wasted money on a better juicer.