Week 12: Feedback

3 Most Favorite Activities

1. Algorithmic Art: What I enjoyed most about this activity was developing different algorithms, and then exploring the many different results that can be achieved with the same set of rules. Its interesting to see the diversity that can be created even with a strict set of rules.

2. Fiber Arts: I liked this one, because it was open to a lot of different methods. Some people did crocheting or knitting which I think is itself an algorithmic art form. For my activity, I got to do some woodworking. I found that cutting the wood and nailing the frame together was very enjoyable and relaxing.

3. Plaster Casting: I’ve been interested in casting for a while. I’ve seen videos of people using 3D printed parts to create molds and then cast metal parts out of the molds. I tried out casting some 3D printed parts with the plaster, but because of the shape of the piece, I couldn’t remove it from the sand, and the mold just collapsed.

3 Least Favorite Activities

1&2. Social Photography & Portrait Photography: I’ve never really liked photography. I always found it to be such an everyday thing that people do, that it no longer feels like an exciting creative experience. Its also not as tangible as other media. I prefer art forms that I can touch and manipulate physically.

3. The Mina Show: I actually didn’t even do this activity, so it might be unfair to call it my least favorite activity. The reason I didn’t do it was that I just felt uncomfortable being on camera or doing any sort of acting.

Additional Feedback

A. Tuesdays in UT-108: The discussions were very engaging and got me thinking about things that I wouldn’t have expected from an art class. I got bored looking at people’s note cards. Maybe, just pick out a few of the more unique ones to show off. I would much rather have looked at people’s activity posts from their blogs. I think it would be cool to show off some of the more interesting posts from the week before and then the class could discuss them or ask the student questions.

B. Activities Overall: I really liked the diversity of the activities. Like I said earlier, I don’t really like photography, and we had two photography activities. What I enjoyed most about the activities, was the exploring of different art media.

C. Artist Conversations: For many of the artist, I wished they were more engaging when we were viewing their galleries. My favorite artists (Piet Eppinga, Dawn Ertl, Brian Davis, Brianna Allen, Maccabee Shelley, Yireh Elaine Kwak) were the ones that were in their gallery, talking with students and showing them interesting aspects of their work. They talked about their inspiration, their process, and went into detail about each of the pieces they had on display. Most of the other artists posted statements in the gallery, and just sat outside. Some even showed disdain when asked about their work, because “if you had read the statement” it was described their. For me it is so much more compelling to hear the artist talk about their work then it is to read it off the wall. Sometimes I had read their statement, but just wanted them to expound on it. This was disappointing to me, because I am often much more interested in the process and the act of expression than I am with the finished work.

D. Classmate Conversations: I enjoyed meeting new people. I’m usually not comfortable approaching people, so it was quite a learning experience to be forced to do it every week.

E. Using Your Website: I’d been meaning to create a website for a while, but was unsure where to start. Using WordPress made it very easy, and I am planning on expanding it show off my engineering projects. I plan on making it digital resume where I can show off the kinds of things that can’t be crammed onto a single piece of paper.


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