Week 9: Classmate Interview

Alexx Dunk

This week, I talked with Alexx Dunk. Alexx is from San Diego and is a senior biology major. She really enjoys skating and snowboarding. And I definitely believe her when she says she loves it because even after she has broken several bones including her arms, nose, and hip, she still does it.


Alexx has two guinea pigs that she thought were both females, but turns out one isn’t. She was happy with just the two, so now she’s not sure what to do with all of the guinea pigs she’s about to have.

She enjoys cooking, and her favorite meals to make are breakfast, any way to cook eggs and bacon.

Alexx also enjoys doing art outside of class. She mainly uses sharpies, paint, and cutup newspaper and magazines. She says that shes been doing this thing with “colorful blood” and it sound really cool. I told her she should show it off on her blog.


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