Week 9: Artist Interview

Sheila Rodriguez

This week I visited the galleries, and this one, “Uprooted” by Sheila Rodriguez, stuck out to me in particular. Each piece in the gallery included photos laminated onto pieces of wood, with tangled up string flowing down from the ceiling and to the floor. The central piece, also had newspaper ads filling areas cut out as windows.


The word “home” is contingent, in flux, without permanence

Sheila’s parents “married and remarried often” which meant that she moved many times as a child. This led her to have a very different relationship with the homes she lived in compared to people who spend their whole childhood in one house.


The association with the home place most probably represents an intermediate stage between complete attachment and complete un-attachment.

I think that, with the string, Sheila was trying to convey this message. The pictures are only temporally attached to the wall. Their time in the gallery is limited. The string, however, is permanently bound to the images of the homes. For Sheila these attachments are the memories made during the time spent in the home.

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