Week 6: Artist Interview

Alanna Marcallettiimg_0843

Alanna’s work consisted mostly of fiber art. This fit in nicely with this weeks yarn bombing activity. The two works I’m showing off here consisted of a sheer fabric draped over wooden frames. Alanna then filled these frames with other fiber based pieces, from string to a cloth rose, and other fabrics.


Alanna said that her background was more in sculpture and painting and I can definitely see that come through in these pieces. She creates these sculpture out of fabrics within the frames. She also had this set of smaller painted paintings that incorporated some fiber art.


This was my favorite piece. On the left was a dark frame and on the right was a mostly white frame. Alanna talked about the juxtaposition of black and white and how without one you can’t appreciate the other. I liked how the fabric flowed out of the frame and wrapped around the legs of the base.



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