Week 5: Artist Interview

Manny Krakowski

This week had a short interview with Manny about his gallery, Distance Between Here and Their. About his piece Here and Their, he said that it was experimenting with the clothes racks and displays seen in clothing stores. While it surprised me at first, as that was completely different from what I was, It made more sense when I saw the slide show that he had playing in the other corner. This slideshow consisted of pictures of the piece being used to display clothes, shoes, and hats. You can see most of them below.

What I found most interesting about this piece, was a half unrolled sheet of canvas on the ground in front of it. It turned out that it was actually part of the piece. Manny explained that he had laid the sculpture on the canvas, traced it out and then pained it in. He said he was playing around with the idea of “transferring the object” from one space to another.


Displacement of spaces and objects.

This idea can be seen in some of Manny’s other works that I found online: http://www.mannykrakowski.com/index.php/sculpture. The piece Alteration shows wrist watches and scissors held up by a string. A light casts a shadow from the objects, onto the wall behind them. Another piece with a similar theme is titled Minthe. Both of these can be seen on his website.


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