Week 2: Activity


I sketched out a few tests and filled them in with some thick markers I had laying around. This one was my favorite so I decided to use it as a template. IMG_4766   I duplicated the marker sketch in spray paint on cardboard. I decided to switch up the ‘M’ but looking at it now, I prefer the original. IMG_4768   During the process I did a lot of experimentation with the medium, since it was my first experience with spray paint. To create the speckled effect, I pulled back on the nozzle and pressed it down as lightly as I could. I wish I had got more colors of paint so that I could have used the speckling to create some more depth. IMG_4770   Another technique I tried was to flip the paint can upside down and press the nozzle into the cardboard. This caused these stripe effects. IMG_4771

As you may have noticed, I used a green market to draw the letters out first. It wasn’t until this point that I noticed that I hadn’t covered it all. One thing that became apparent to me was that the order and methodology of graffiti is integral in making a clean cohesive piece. Usually when drawing letters with pen an paper, I draw the letters first, and then add in the 3D effects afterwards. With spray paint, however, this can lead to sloppy edges to the letters. From some videos I watched, it is very common for the artist to lay down the shadows first, then color in the letters, and finally the last step is drawing the borders of the letters.IMG_4772   I wasn’t sure I liked the stripe effects and I wanted something to fill out the space around the letters. I also want to incorporate the dripping paint look. In hindsight it would have looked better do do this first to keep it behind the lettering. This goes back to the idea of planning out the whole process ahead of time. Doing so keeps the layers in the correct order and aids in the illusion of depth.IMG_4778   I feel like I learned a lot about graffiti art during this experimenting. I’m looking forward to exploring the medium further in the future.


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